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The day to day life of a Start-Up Entrepreneur……..Custom Wedding Garter- Part I

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Someone told me today. I need to blog every day. I am NOT much of a blogger.

I don’t really have much to blog about yet except my day to day work of building my brand.

This wedding garter business was born out of my love of color. I love to sew. And I love all the couture detail of clothing of years past. My garters styles or very feminine and girly.

Custom Color Chart-Custom-Wedding-Garters-Bridal-Garters-Prom-Garters-Linda-Joyce-Couture-Girly-Girl-Garters

My Mission…

  • Is to offer hundreds of garters styles
  • all customizable in hundreds of satin colors
  • interchanged with all sorts of lace, organza, and tulle. all in an array of colors.
  • I want my brides to be able to have the wedding or prom garter of their dreams.
  • All customized in her wedding color palette as she chooses.

As I started working things out to launch this brand.

  • I sat down and planned what garter styles I wanted to offer.
  • I sourced my fabrics and embellishments. And placed orders.
  • The fabrics and trimmings would arrive a month later.
  • I sewed up the samples.
  • That took 6 months of 20 hour days….(But I got them all done)
  • I made each style in all the colors I plan to offer…

I knew I would be offering them online. So next came the need for a website.

  • I planned out on paper how I want the website to function.
  • Then how I wanted it to look.
  • I went in search of someone to build the website for me.
  • I took bids
  • Well, that wasn’t going to work. The lowest bid was $50,000…. yep, they said fifty THOUSAND dollars.
  • So I started out with an eBay store….

That is enough for today…. If I have to write every day. I’d better keep it short.

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  1. Kristi
    | Reply

    I need an ivory wedding garter engraved with “Hee Haw” on it. Can you do that and how much would it cost and when could you have it to me by?

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