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Custom Wedding Garter

Custom wedding Garter– If you are preparing for the biggest day of your life, you must not forget to include perfect wedding garters. The beautiful tradition of wearing a wedding garter allows you to expand and enhance your wedding day experience.  These lovely accessories can provide a compliment or a contrast to your wedding attire.  Custom Wedding Garter provides a huge selection of options allowing you to pick the perfect colors, materials, ribbons, and embellishments. Your combination of choices depicting your own personality, individuality, and uniqueness, will help to make your special day even more memorable.


Check Out Our Categories

Custom Wedding Garter – We have fine fabrics and elegant embellishments for all our garters so take a look through our category list for inspiration and dream-fulfilling possibilities.  Custom Wedding Garters has Firefighter Wedding Garters, Police Wedding Garters, Superhero Wedding Garters, and even Great Gatsby Flapper Wedding Garters.  We have garters in the latest Color Trends or choose a Military Wedding Garter if you are planning a wedding after “Johnny or Jane Comes Marching Home Again.” If your wedding will be on a holiday or you want a holiday-themed wedding, select from our Holiday Wedding Garters – including Christmas Wedding Garters, St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Garters, and more.  Available also are garters depicting careers such as Medical Wedding Garters and Farming Wedding Garters or themes such as Beach Wedding Garters and Nautical Wedding Garters. We have exquisite Luxury Wedding Garters, Lace Wedding Garters, Organza Wedding Garters, Silk Wedding Garters, and Prom Garters. Vintage Wedding Garters, Tulle Wedding Garters, and Stretch Lace Wedding Garters add nostalgia and charm to the Custom Wedding Garter collection.  Our Sports Wedding Garters include MLB Wedding Garters, NHL Wedding Garters, NFL Wedding Garters, NACC Wedding Garters, and garters representing NASCAR, golf, tennis, soccer, and more.  Check out the contrast between the Rhinestone Wedding Garters and the Rustic Wedding Garters. Our Print Wedding Garters are a colorful array of polka dots, plaids, and florals and this group include Camouflage Wedding Garters and Animal Print Wedding Garters.

The Color You Are Looking For!

Custom Wedding Garter – Regardless of the color palette for your special day, Custom Wedding Garters can provide a garter with the perfect color combination. Whether you desire a garter to match, complement or contrast your wedding colors, we have a myriad of colors from which to choose.  A wedding garter that perfectly matches your outfit not only looks great but also can enhance the overall impact of your dress. From light pink to ivory white, pearl pink to light coral, the choices of our wedding garters are endless. Those of you who are planning to put on a dress in a shade of blue can find wedding garters in all hues of blue such as Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Smoke Blue, Alice Blue, Aqua Blue, and more. In the same way, there is a wide palette of shades for every basic color.

Wedding Garters – Right for Your Size

Custom Wedding Garter – Let’s face it, ladies!  Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  Made in your leg measurement, we are individuals and we all want our own personal choices of color and embellishments.  At Custom Wedding Garter you do not have to “make do” with leftovers because they are the only items in your size. We offer a complete range of wedding garters in all sizes.  You will find all garter varieties available in Junior, Missy, and  Plus Sizes so that you can cherish your purchase as your own individual selection.


Custom Wedding Garter – While designing a custom garter for you, we also consider your personal preferences for materials and embellishments. We beautify your garters with your choices of a variety of laces, ribbons, buttons, bows, roses, beads, rhinestones, charms, etc., in order to achieve the look that you desire

Why Buy Our Custom Garters?

A standard wedding garter available on the market does not compare with a Custom Wedding Garter that depicts your style and personality.  Only a custom-made garter can help you create the right impact that you deserve on your special day. A custom garter that is specially designed according to your own personal preferences is the best way to accomplish the overall vision you want on your wedding day.

Garters are not just for weddings

We realize that garters are not just for weddings.  Young ladies are already selecting garters to wear to proms.  We know that sorority sisters enjoy the comradery of wearing their school colors and house names or symbols on garters.  Also on game day, a major league sports fan can show team spirit by wearing an arm or leg band over his/her shirt or jeans while attending the game.  While college campuses can show how they support their school or their favorite NACC teams.  We at Custom Wedding Garter can make garters for any event you can imagine!

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