We offer four levels of service

Pre-Designed Garters

Customized Garters

Theme Garters

Couture Garters


Our Pre-Designed Wedding Garter Collections

At this level, you buy the garter as shown. Fast and Easy. Then onto the next thing on your list.

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To see our garter collections click “Shop Now” above or from any page by clicking “Shop” in the menu. We have over half a million garters in all colors, styles, and widths. (We are adding them to the site daily.) We have garters made in 245 Satin Colors, mixed and matched with over 50 Lace Colors, 40 Tulle Colors, 40 Organza Colors, 40 Stretch Lace Colors. All with hundreds of embellishment options. In hundreds of colors. Rhinestones, Pearls, Sequins, Beads, Bows, Charms, Buttons, Feathers, French Veiling, and Flowers. In thousands of configurations. Almost all our pre-designed garter styles can be customized by changing the colors. Which brings us the next level of service.


Customizable Custom Wedding Garter Collection

At this level, you can customize your garter in your wedding colors.

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As you are looking through our pre-designed garter collections. You may see a “style” you really like. But it is the wrong color. If you are still searching the gallery of products. Click the product to take you to the individual product page to customize the color. On the product page, you will see a small artist color palette to the right of your screen. To customize the color of the garter click the color palette or the text next to it. This will take you to the Custom Wedding Garter page of each individual style. Each garter in the Custom Wedding Garter category has mapped images making it easy to know the terms used in the drop-down menus. There are If you would like to see the entire Customizable Garter Collection mapped for you. Click “Shop Now” in pink above. Or click Custom Wedding Garters in the menu from any page. Which brings us to the next level of service.



Theme Wedding Garters

At this level is where you can add all kinds of charms to your wedding garters.

For that little bit extra personalization

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Couture Wedding Garters

These are the high-end one of a kind wedding garter heirlooms.

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ICouture Wedding Garters-Linda Joyce Couture- Custom Wedding Garters


A look Inside the Atelier.

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Couture Wedding Garters-Linda Joyce Couture- Custom Wedding Garters