Linda Joyce Couture Wedding Garters, Custom Wedding Garters, Handmade. American designer Linda Joyce loves the process of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Using her natural creativity, strong artistic talent, and knowledge of art and antiques, Linda has created an art gallery of garters magically combining new and vintage materials, shimmering beads, and crystals. Linda Joyce grew up in Austin, Texas. She was raised in an antique shop and artist family, in a home full of antiques, and nostalgic old things. It was natural for Linda to appreciate antique arts and crafts of vintage things at a very young age. As a very young child, Linda discovered fashion design to be her true calling. “There is something about fashion that resonates with me,” she says. “A strong sense of familiarity.” Linda Joyce started collecting new and vintage textiles and making evening and bridal couture in 1983.

Linda’s garters are a real work of art, attracting collectors and bridal stylists from around the world.

The design process is demanding and each garter is created as a work of art. First, Linda selects from her extensive collection of lace, ribbon, jewels, beads, and feathers, from around the world – including from her shopping in Europe, India, and China. She then creatively puts together the base of the garter and intricately creates the flowers and bows hand-beads them with beads and crystals so they shimmer and sparkle.

Linda Joyce is excited to continue creating unique garter art. “I absolutely passionately love creating beautiful garters,” said Linda Joyce. Featuring exquisite hand-beaded and rhinestone designs, vintage and rare antique laces and embellishments., Linda Joyce Couture garters grace some of the most beautiful brides in Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, New York, Paris, and beyond.

Linda Joyce shops around the world in search of rare vintage lace fabrics. In her Clearwater, Kansas based Atelier. Linda has an extensive collection of new and vintage lace, ribbon, buttons, jewels, beads, flowers, feathers and fabrics from which she crafts the garters.

The design process begins with a hand-select lace that is matched to a beautiful satin. Linda’s designs are embellished from a veritable treasure trove of antique metallic laces, delicate ribbon flowers, and rare European and Asian appliqués.

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