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History of the Wedding Garter

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History of the Wedding Garter

If you’re counting down the days to your big day you may also be crossing off items on your “to do” list. There’s so much to think about and so much to do. No wonder why this counts as one of the most stressful times of your life. Rather you’re inviting five people to 500 people, you’re still going to have a lot of things to do. If you’re going a more traditional route or non-traditional route, chances are you’re still going to want to wear a garter. “Oh no! A garter!? I haven’t even thought about a garter yet!” you may have just said to yourself.

So what makes this small piece of lingerie so importantly symbolic? Traditional weddings include a white dress which in most cultures symbolized purity and the virtue of the bride. Veils were worn as protection from evil spirits to make the bride unrecognizable. So why the garter? And why does tradition call for the husband to remove it in a public setting such as your reception and toss it into the crowd? Sure, you have so much on your plate in this planning process, why bother learning the history? Knowing the history of the garter just might influence your decision on what glitzy garter you may want to choose for your special day. After all, the garter is symbolic of who you are as a couple and you are free to choose your own exclusive and stellar garter.


Although the origin of the history has several accounts, we can all attest the original garter was (and still is) used to hold up stockings (in ice hockey, socks). So how did the history go from holding up stockings to throwing it to your guest? There was once a time (which dates back to the dark ages) where guests would escort the couple for good measure and “help along” the bride and groom to their chambers by ripping and tearing away at the bride’s clothes. Whoever walked away with the garter would have good luck and be the next to marry.

Over the years a more modest approach developed which didn’t involve the bride being violated in a sense for one’s own prosperous future. Nowadays, tradition calls for the husband to remove the garter at the reception and toss it to the single men. The man who catches the garter is said to be the next to marry. Some traditions still hold fast. Rather you choose to toss it or not, it’s always nice to feel sexy knowing you have something sexy on.

Rather you and your fiancé have participated in an intimate ceremony of your own, your garter will be your first piece of lingerie removed by your husband for the very first time. That counts as a special and symbolic moment in your life as a husband and wife, as well your right as a bride to experience it (and equally importantly, your husband’s). It is also said the removal of the garter is a symbolic deflowering of the bride. Looks like the garter is more important than you may have thought.

Just like everything else you put the effort into planning your special day, why not put effort into picking out your own exclusive custom garter? After all, it will be the first piece of lingerie being put on public display.

History of the Wedding Garter

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